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Waking Up to the Campus Lifestyle

Life on campus was such a shock to my system. Looking back, I sometimes wish someone could have given me a “welcome to life” hamper – you know, sort of like the “welcome baby hamper” that many expectant mothers get at their baby showers. When you think about it, going to university for the first time is kind of like having a baby (it might even be like being a baby). I soon understood why everybody was carrying on so much about discipline when I left home to come to university. It's nothing like high school. At university, nobody calls your mother if you skip lectures. In fact, you could miss a whole semester of lectures and nobody would bother you. Why should they? You have to write them a check whether you take advantage of the learning opportunity or not.

No one hounds you about assignments, either. They’ll tell you what it's about and what's required but it's up to you to decide if you will do it. I can see why it often happens that a smart kid comes to the campus, tastes freedom for the first time, and loses the plot. There is no family to keep you grounded here; you have to ground yourself.

Varsity life is no different. The only way to avoid getting caught up in things that have nothing to do with the course is by making your studies a priority. Don't party first and work later. It is highly recommended to start on your assignments and projects as soon as you receive them. Why wait when you are there to study? Don't put pressure on yourself by putting them off until just before the due date. This is all good advice that I wish I would’ve followed in my first year at Uni. I had to read articles like this a million times before it finally sank in.

My mother has always said that if you want to go places, keep the company of people who are also on the same journey. Some students are completely overwhelmed by all the decision making power that has suddenly fallen into their laps when they left home. They can't resist the bad crowds and attending the crazy campus parties.

Whenever you let young people loose, there is bound to be some crazy, wild fun to be had. At some of these parties, drugs and alcohol are abundant. These wild parties lead to unprotected sex, which in turn is the cause of unplanned and unwanted pregnancy as well as a big risk factor for HIV and other venereal diseases. If none of that scares you, read this for a low-down on VD.

It all comes down to this: you’re at university to study and, though there’s nothing wrong with partying a little now and then, you need to know how to keep your studies as your top priority. Wake up before it’s too late!

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